Bordeaux, France, 2020 - Built


Extension of a townhouse in Bordeaux, partial renovation.

This project revolves around light and space, and aims to privilege quality and not quantity. The house was critically lacking in light despite the fact that the facade was completely glazed. The major gesture was to "sacrifice" what could have been an additional surface built to give a double height over part of the living room and to work on a vertical light entry instead of the existing much more classic horizontal. The result is this atrium living room, with a rather spectacular atmosphere between loft and art gallery, where all functions and rooms are separate and linked at the same time, in harmony with the rest of the house. Upstairs, the master bedroom and an office overlook the double height of the living room, with a view of a splendid pendant light, as well as the garden and the swimming pool in the background.

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Architecture, Interior and Design

Legal notice           Decennial Civil Liability Insurance n ° 263420 / B / 2

Registered on the regional register of the order of architects of Aquitaine n ° S18654